Giving Back

Pennsylvania’s waste and recycling industry takes an active role in the communities it serves — helping to meet local needs and support community projects. PWIA members strive to be good neighbors and good citizens of their communities — they’re ready to help when there’s a need.

How our members contribute to their communities:

  • Offer educational resources and support to maximize community recycling programs
  • Partner with and sponsor environmental education programs in local schools
  • Offer student scholarships for environmental studies
  • Provide volunteers, resources and in-kind services for cleanup efforts and local beautification projects, wildlife protection and stream cleanups
  • Help fund improvements such as community buildings, libraries, fire trucks, athletic fields and playgrounds, and facilities for persons with disabilities
  • Contribute to community safety agencies such as emergency medical response units, police patrols and volunteer fire companies
  • Participate in the Great American Cleanup and local beautification efforts