Waste & Recycling Industry

Waste Service is Essential

The job begins when you put out your recyclables and trash. Safe, efficient collection and management of recyclables and waste materials is essential to:

  • public health and safety;
  • protecting our environment; and
  • ensuring the infrastructure that enables business and economic growth.

Each Pennsylvania household generates on average 1,400 pounds of municipal waste per year. Safely and conscientiously managing that volume of waste is a huge job. It’s a challenge that the professional recycling and waste industry in Pennsylvania meets every day.

The waste industry has built a 50-year track record of protecting the environment, contributing to our economy, and generating revenue for state and local governments. But today’s recycling and waste industry isn’t just about disposal. Thanks to innovative technology and techniques, a larger portion of the waste we manage is becoming a resource to be reused, recycled or turned into renewable energy.